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Green economy and social responsibility

Zhejiang Chunhui Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the few new domestic energy-saving enterprises integrating garbage, sludge, biomass incineration power generation and central heating. The company is jointly listed by Zhejiang Chunhui Group and the first listed company of domestic small and medium-sized enterprise board New and into (stock code: 002001) jointly funded the formation.

The company was founded in 2004, and in December 2016 to complete the standardized joint-stock reform, the company is located in the state-level Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone core area, covers an area of more than 260 acres, the existing assets of 370 million yuan. .....

Meta culture focuses on classics

System platform
Innovation, science and technology, environmental protection, life

No pains,no gains

Investment quotationMORE→
Main data2017-06-06MORE→
Listed company 1286 Listed securities9924
Average price-earnings ratio16.37 Listed stock1330
Total circulating capital29997.16 Total share capital33836.49
Total market capitalization248275.83 Total market value295878.59


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